GHSTFLSH Release ‘List Of Regrets’ Reflects On Moving Forward From Personal Loss

Nashville musician Brad Byram, releases music through creative outlet GHSTFLSH, where he reinvents his sound with a single that moves the soul. An 80’s style rock song for fans of Bring Me The Horizon and Motionless in White, all the way to Oliver Tree and Childish Gambino.

List Of Regrets, is a crooning poem on the backdrop of an abandoned town in the Wild West of Texas, available everywhere on July 1st, 2021. It’s a song about moving on after a loss, one that is deeply personal to Brad. ‘You can either wallow in your despair, or put a mental checkpoint down where you are, and begin to move away from it.’ Brad lyrically paints an image of driving away from an old west Texas town that was almost abandoned ‘You’ll see, we’ll drive from this decay’. Then finally comes to terms with the damage that the loss has caused, able to finally begin the healing process ‘And I know, I will be haunted, but I know I can be fine.’

GHSTFLSH releases are typically produced, played, sung, or programmed by Brad except for List of Regrets, which features additional guitars added by longtime friend and collaborator Ryan Holley. Brad tends to prefer writing from an abstract perspective, like a canvas with large brush strokes that give you an impression of a person, place, or time. This framework of suggestive vagueness lets listeners project their own experiences into that space. ‘You won’t hear a lot of songs from me that will describe a specific place or person, but instead more of a feeling, or a longing for a feeling that reminds you of something you forgot. Then all of a sudden you’re back in that place and time, and that’s the most incredible thing about music.’

Getting his start in the small town of Beaumont, Brad signed to independent Houston label ‘Cage Records’ and would begin playing shows in Austin and later on with the band Canvas, touring for 10 years with 3 accompanying album releases. Selling out regional tours and festival shows with bands like The Violent Femmes, Fuel, Blue October, Toadies, Supersuckers, and more built Canvas into one of the most recognized acts in Texas. The radio stations loved the catchy songs with retro-cool rock vibes and a huge hook, making them #1 most added for 7 weeks.

Now he resides in Nashville, where he got the fresh start he wanted, playing solo acoustic shows to make connections at venues including the historic Belcourt Taps and NashHouse downtown on world famous Broadway street. Brad is now able to stand up on stage and play a mix of songs from 70s country all the way to new hits and classic favorites – a range as wide as his influences. This was a step forward in his musical evolution, as well as a look back, a new start in a new city that let him reignite the musical passion he had all those years ago when jumping in a beat-up old van for weeks at a time was a price gladly paid for an hour on stage.

After an extended career in music, Brad seeks to reinvent his image and sound. GHSTFLSH is a new creative outlet for Brad that will embrace all of the emerging paradigms of music, where single releases are much more common than full albums. Each single release now comes with a fully realized music video, where streaming has overtaken physical media. Brad plans on releasing a torrent of new music and visuals spawning from the GHSTFLSH project, and these will come as self-contained completed releases with music, visuals and their own story to tell.

‘List Of Regrets’ is just one of many upcoming singles and music videos coming in the near future. Follow his socials for future announcements and music releases.

Listen to ‘List of Regrets’ on Youtube

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