‘Shadow’ By Crazyie1 Is An Organic Hit That You Can Just Vibe To

Vincent Lavell Johnson, known professionally as Crazyie1, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. His stage name is derived from American rapper Krazyie Bone and his part in the Group Bone Thugs And Harmony; it represents ‘living a crazy life and taking chances’. The artist describes his sound as unique, melodic and smooth. His musical influences range from Outkast to Eminem and 2 pac.

His song “Shadows” is available on the streaming platform Spotify along with some of his older songs. “Shadows” has been featured in multiple articles and this song along with his earlier hit single “Shoulder To Cry On” have helped him on his journey as an unsigned artist. 

The beats for the song are provided to the artist by a team of producers. Once he has the beat, he writes the lyrics and records the song in his home studio. He then sends it to be mixed and mastered and uploads the song for release once he receives the final product back from his producers.

In regards to his songwriting process, Crazyie1 said: “I normally play the beat when I’m in my creative process; have a drink or smoke a joint to get in my mode.”

‘Shadows’ is a fun song because it is a product of him recording the song while vibing to the beat and rapping all the way through, with no hook. The song is about him saying his truth and expressing his emotions, which makes listeners connect to the song more because of its genuineness. 

Crazyie1 started his performances from Denver, Colorado and has done 40 to 50 live shows there so it will always be a special place to perform for him. He would love to be able to collaborate with Baby Goth, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippy Red or Bfd Packman sometime in the future. He’s currently listening to ‘Unknown Artist’ on Spotify and is inspired by their hunger and drive to create new music consistently. 

The artist believes that social media is a very important platform for him; it touches the masses and drives massive engagement if done properly. It allows him to promote his brand and convey important messages to his supporters. He is thankful for his loyal and supportive fans and says that they are the only reason why he stays active. He’s currently working on a 5 track EP that will be released soon, in 2021.

Listen to ‘Shadows’ by Crazyie1 on Youtube.


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