Join In Eugene Williams’ Eventful Journey In The Music Industry As He Continues To Make History

Born and raised in East Orange, New Jersey, Eugene Williams, also known as Eugenegenay, , also known as Eugenegenay,is an arranger and composer who writes and publishes his own original music. He has a unique way of jamming on the strings of the guitar; people say he has a style of his own. 

Eugene has travelled around the world, singing and performing. He has met many famous people, including some of his favourite artists, like Kool and the Gang. He has attained the status of an international singer, songwriter, jazz guitarist and composer over the years. His sound is compared to Prince and Parliament Funkadelic; his tracks are well put together and his songwriting skills are like another Marvin Gaye. 

Some of his musical influences are Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendricks and Michael Jackson. He can play multiple instruments and he delves into many different genres, such as funk, jazz, blues, gospel, R&B and even pop. He is an independent artist and self-produces all of his music, but he would love to start working with a team in the future. 

In his new song “It’s Time To Vax“, Eugene talks about the pandemic and the vaccination process. The song was made to help you feel a release from the pandemic and be motivated to get back out and have some fun. It inspires you to get ready to hit the dance floor and just start dancing. This song will eventually be a part of history, telling the story of a time in which the world did not know what to do.

Eugene started playing the guitar at the age of 4. His father, who was a member of a gospel group, noticed that Eugene had a special ability to play the guitar. Hence, he started taking Eugene to church on Sundays to perform. During high school, Eugene began playing music with his brothers, as the band leader. Twelve years later, Eugene enrolled for his academic training at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. While pursuing his Bachelor’s degree at Berklee, Eugene traveled back home on weekends to perform at shows around local towns with his brothers. 

The group started traveling to New Zealand and Canada in pursuit of emulating their career as performers. During life in New York, Eugene met the owner of Clarence Music who recognized Eugene for his extraordinary talents. . Clarence Music prompted Eugene to embark on a solo career and he accepted the offer. Within a short period, he made a series of songs that would move him to the next level. He rHis first solo, ,”Cruising with You’, ‘,rose to the top ten in 2006, and sustained a period of 10 weeks on the international charts. 

In 2004, Eugene was awarded a contract with both Carnival Cruise Lines and Holland Cruise Lines as an entertainer. Over 10 years, he went to countries such as Canada, The Bahamas, Australia and New Zealand. It was Eugene’s first global travel experience and it felt amazing seeing countries that he had dreamed of visiting. He loves performing in front of a live audience, be it stadiums, festivals, weddings or private parties. It’s significant that there are people there who enjoy his music and come see him perform.

Eugene would love to collaborate with Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones or Earth, Wind and Fire in the future. He’s looking forward to putting out more music for people and he already has quite a few songs waiting to be released soon. He wants to keep his fans interested in him and his music so he tries to connect with them as much as he can.

The artist said, “Being a writer and performer, I give them 150% of me, and it is all from the heart!”

Listen to ‘It’s Time To Vax’ by Eugene Williams on Youtube and Spotify.

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