The Important Message In SMOKESTKZ’s song ‘Find My Way’ Combined With The Artist’s Unique Vocals Will Make You Listen To It On Repeat

SMOKESTKZ has a very distinct voice that stands out amongst other musicians. His sound is always evolving and that’s what makes him unique.

Some of his musical influences are Lil Wayne, Kevin gates and Future but he has mostly been influenced by southern music. He grew up listening to a lot of UGK, OutKast, Paul Wall and Slim Thug among others. He also learned a lot from legendary producer Mr. Lee, who sculpted a lot of the music that has been produced by the south in the last 25 years. The artist says that working with Mr.Lee definitely added some sauce to what he does.

The song “Find My Way” is about realizing that it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks or says about you, the only thing that matters is what you think of yourself. You can’t trust anyone but yourself in this world, you can’t trip over everybody who stabs you in the back because it’s a part of life. You should instead focus your energy on working hard and finding another way. Once you take control of your future, you’ll start succeeding and fake people will start surrounding you when they see the green bills. The artist encourages people to keep grinding regardless of people judging them or singing fake praises.

The lyrics of the song are relatable to quite a few of us since a lot of people have trust issues with money and love. The song gives them something to identify with and connect to. The feeling of achieving your goals after toiling endlessly and climbing your way to success is something that everybody wants. It feels even better when it’s not handed to you and is purely because of your hard-work, which is something that the artist can relate to.

SMOKESTKS doesn’t need a beat to create lyrics, but he has to know the tempo in order to not be all over the place. He usually listens to the beat once and it sticks in his head so he can just write verses without having to listen to the beat again. He usually starts with the melody then adds the lyrics but there’s no solid blueprint; he just does what feels right.

In regards to the songwriting process for ‘Find My Way’, the artist said: “On this track, I turned the beat on and it just came to me. I wrote around 2 bars down when my phone died, so I just punched the rest of the song in.” 

He works with a producer but he usually does the first mix on his vocals himself before sending them to be mixed and mastered. It saves time for his producer and he gets vocals that sound exactly like what he wanted them to sound like.

He’s currently working on a new project called “TFMG” (Tax Free Money Gang) that will be released in a month or two since they’re just putting together the finishing touches on the song. He will also be releasing a music video for his song “Find My Way”.

Trees in Dallas, Texas is SMOKESTKZ’s favourite place to perform. He did a show with Waka Flocka there a few years ago and he loved the energy in the audience. He grew up watching his favourite artists perform there, and to be able to perform on that stage in front of a sold out crowd was a surreal experience.  That makes Trees a special place for him.

Some artists he wants to work with are Sauce Walka, Gucci Mane and a few of the artists on his label.

Social media is an important platform for him because it’s an easy way to promote his music and connect with people, especially his fans. The artist believes that he would be nothing without his supporters so he loves and appreciates each one of them. He has a lot of music in the vault or in the works right now so he’s excited to see his fans’ reactions when he releases them. He also looks forward to seeing his fans in person soon. 

Listen to ‘Find My Way’ by SMOKESTKZ on Spotify.

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