Les Techno Gets Down “In The Sunshine” On New Release

By Deuce

Les Techno has put together quite a production on his latest single, “In the Sunshine”. The track is both cool and lively, smooth and overt, replete with imagery and sound bites depicting the brilliance of a midsummer’s day, or one of the better ones in spring.

The suavity of the cut is highly attributed to Techno’s singing. It’s reserved—you can just picture him with his shades on in the booth or on stage—and almost like he’s crooning as he slips in references to “in the sunshine” on the hook. It’s a style that’s becoming, catchy, and, well, plain cool.

But he’s also putting it down with an assortment of guitars and stringed instruments to engender this effect as well. Money’s got some sort of rhythm guitar that’s cooking up the good stuff that really gets the groove going, even before the bass kicks in. Aurally, you can simply ride that rhythm work atop a nice selection of drums that somehow seemingly pare both acoustic and preprogrammed sounds.

Now mind you, all of this is credited to Techno, who’s really making it happen while not quite pounding, but definitely hammering away on the cue sticks to infuse the music with a much needed sense of vivacity. But when the bass does kick in, it’s one of those circular numbers that purrs or humms its approval. It’s the sort of funky addition that’s found on live bass in rap songs from the genre’s heyday, and keeps everything moving along quite well on this outing.

However, the chromatic appeal of the track, the magic that makes it mystical and mythical in its creeping tones, is unequivocally the electric guitar that sears rays of life or sun petals, as it were, with a realness that’s easily seen simply by putting an ear to the number. There may be some synths played to similar effect on other parts of the composition, but it’s primarily Techno plugging away on his guitar.

I mean, he even brings the babes in for some elongated oohs as the tune rides off into the sunset. Trust, this is a quality production that’s likely to fly in any variety of sets, including your very own.  

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  • Deuce, thanks for the great review! No synths on this one– its electric guitar treated doing that melody after the first chorus. LT

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