If You Ever Wondered What A Song About Your Zodiac Sign Would Sound Like, Trav B Ryan’s Songs Are Just What You Were Looking For

New York based artist, Trav B Ryan, describes his sound as a mixture of fire and ice; smooth vocals with a fiery edge. The artist showcases his talents in every song he puts out. With his unique flow and even more unique voice, Trav will simply rap for vibes. 

He has found his way into articles from Comicbook.com, Grunge Cake, The Girls At The Rock Show, and even a featured appearance on MSNBC’s The Beat Ari Melber. Trav’s intense, emotional hip hop music instantly grants the listener with a sense of purpose, strength, and a lot of goosebumps. Making each listener more comfortable with themselves with every song; once you press play, you can explore your emotions and actually have fun while doing it.

Trav B Ryan’s latest song is called “Aries Woman” and just like the title suggests, it describes the beautiful traits of an Aries woman. It’s part of a collection of songs that celebrate women from all zodiac signs. Hopefully, it will give all women confidence in themselves and something to dance to.

The artist feels that people can connect to these songs because of their zodiac signs. When people hear about their zodiac signs through song, it resonates with them even more. It makes them feel like they are not alone on this Earth and that someone, somewhere understands them.

Trav’s songwriting process is simple. He has a team of producers that send him some beats, he begins by going through those beats to find a vibe that matches his mood at the time. Once he finds that, he starts writing and pours his soul out in the lyrics.

Trav’s musical influences are Eminem, Jay Z, Nas and DMX. He is currently listening to One Republic and believes that they have a unique sound for their genre with deep and meaningful lyrics. The artist also says that he would love to collaborate with Drake or Travis Scott in the future.

Trav says that he loves and appreciates his fans and will forever be grateful for their support. He says his fans can expect an EP coming out later this year with more details to come soon.

Listen to ‘Aries Woman’ by Trav B Ryan on Youtube and Spotify.


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