‘That’s Not Love’ is James Zada’s Feel-Good ’80s & ’90s Pop Interpretation of Modern Romance

Welsh producer James Zada released his feel-good Pop single ‘That’s Not Love’ featuring the Canadian rapper Es on Friday 04 June 2021. Already an established instrumental producer of New Age music known as Llewellyn and having sold over a million copies worldwide in his 26-year old career, Zada ventures into the world of contemporary Pop music, driven by his deep love for nostalgic ’80s and ’90s evergreen floorfillers. His recent music has been gradually gaining the attention of the industry, with the dance remix of ‘Private Utopia’ praised on KISS FM. As a multi-talented composer, James Zada’s music has been featured at many TV shows including the highly acclaimed ‘Friends’.

That’s Not Love represents the fine line between sexual tension and real love, left open for further interpretation. In his words, ”real love is about those little shared moments in life, keeping the intimacy alive and not taking your partner for granted”. Having experienced all different aspects of love in his life, Zada lets his past experience and the ups and downs of previous relationships lead the narrative. Backed by a smooth old-school ’80s and ’90s Pop feel, ‘That’s Not Love’ delivers a sleek modern sound and production, backed by a captivating feel-good melody. The single is entirely produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by James Zada himself, recruiting Es as guest-singer as the start of a fruitful musical partnership. The artist states: “That’s Not Love is a laid-back, catchy track with a modern vibe but a retro cool edge.”

The artist speaks to fans through the constant, nagging worry that our partner(s) may fancy and want someone else after being together for some time, perhaps seeking thrill or simply due to boredom. But a deeper, more connected relationship evolves from longevity and that can often be taken for granted. “It may not feel like fire but it’s love.”

James’ sound is dripping with a combination of ’80s and ’90s flavour with a modern fresh vibe. Aside from the apparent George Michael influences, James Zada takes inspiration from the likes of Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and Elton John. He produces and writes his own music, occasionally bolstered by guest features. For him, inspiration can strike at any time, sometimes from the realm of dreams. “Once I had a dream in which I was writing a new song. Had to wake myself up and rush to the piano to remember it before it vanished into the reverie! Currently he’s listening to the single ‘Leave the Door Open’ featuring Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak of the Silk Sonic R&B duo. He hopes to one day work with and collaborate with Craig David.

Social media has been pivotal for James, allowing him to be more independent with his creative direction – “without limitations that some labels have over artists.” He notes that Spotify has been particularly impactful in providing a platform to get his music into the streaming mainstream. With a low barrier to entry, he welcomes the competition as it allows him to extend the boundaries of music: “Obviously means more people are doing it but that should inspire artists to work harder to stand out. Competition is good. Raises the musical bar.” 

Already widely recognised in the world of New Age, meditation and relaxation music through his label Paradise Music Records, James likens himself to “Eddie The Eagle of the music industry” and is set on pursuing his life-long dream of producing a hit record. Having written music for countless international television shows, James Zada set up his new music label Hot Tub Records, producing and endorsing Ryan Simpson for his appearance at The Voice UK. A versatile and multi-faceted composer, James Zada’s story has recently got the attention of the renowned videographer Andy Reiss who is currently preparing a documentary on his diverse career and music. To his fans he says: “Thank you so much. Letting me live the dream. I have been so lucky to have a career making music and now venturing into another genre is so exciting and rewarding. A successful composer and producer for over two decades, I’m determined to succeed as a singer-songwriter of catchy and uplifting Pop tracks with a distinctive nostalgic feel.”

‘That’s Not Love’ is the debut single from a full-length studio record expected in September this year. Follow his socials for future announcements and music releases.

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