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‘That’s Not Love’ is James Zada’s Feel-Good ’80s & ’90s Pop Interpretation of Modern Romance

Welsh producer James Zada released his feel-good Pop single ‘That’s Not Love’ featuring the Canadian rapper Es on Friday 04 June 2021. Already an established instrumental producer of New Age music known as Llewellyn and having sold over a million copies worldwide in his 26-year old career, Zada ventures into the world of contemporary Pop music, driven by his deep

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Allen’s Weird 80’s New Wave Playlist

*Disclaimer: I was born in 1990. If I get any cultural references wrong, don’t be mad at me. I’m trying. I have often said that if I grew up in the 80’s, I would’ve totally been a new wave kid. Complete with day-glo, Vision Street Wear, and hair that defied gravity in many ways. With that said, I have a

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VIDEO: ShowYouSuck – “80’s Boobs”

Rising star ShowYouSuck unleashed a new video yesterday, with an ode to 80’s boobs, sort of. Watch him rap in front of a flag, take his shirt off, and burn a bra in the name of feminism (or boobs), all while motivating phrases are played for you in the bottom of the screen. #Merica. Also, as the subtitle explains, this

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