Listen To T.T.G A.E.R.O’s Catchy New Song ‘Too Toxic’

T.T.G A.E.R.O is an independent artist from Brooklyn who recently started his music career. The music industry is nothing new to him because his older brother, Abillyon, is from GS9. The artist believes that his amazing music will soon be discovered and he is just a lost diamond waiting to be found. 

The artist’s newest song ‘Too Toxic’ comes with a captivating music video that is full of passion and emotion. The lyrics of the song are catchy and will make you put this song into your playlist. The artist says that his fans will relate to ‘Too Toxic’ because he managed to create ‘a moment’ and turn it into a ‘vibe’.

T.T.G A.E.R.O’s sound can be described as a mixture of Fabulous, Drake, and 50Cent but with a splash of uniqueness. His musical influences and artists who he would love to collaborate with include Lil Durk and Future. The artist is currently listening to MO3 because he can hear a lot of himself in the songs. 

T.T.G A.E.R.O does not write music down but mostly freestyle, while letting out his emotions. 

The artist’s full album is in the works at the moment, so the fans should definitely get excited about that. 

The artist thinks that social media is important because people can get real content from the artist. He also wants to thank his fans for their support, ‘Thank you I’m very appreciative, I have a lot more to come just stay in tune with your Favorite Guy…

Listen to ‘Too Toxic’ on Youtube.

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