Mid Coast Volume 5 Partners With The Women’s Center

Mid Coast hosted the fifth edition of their virtual concert series from The Cooperage Friday evening, teaming up with The Women’s Center of Waukesha to raise donations for victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence, child abuse, and human trafficking. On the bill this month were psychedelic rockers Yum Yum Cult, prog-blues rockers Wonderful Bluffer, and EDM producer Sulestial.

TheyKhem has been working with Mid Coast as an interviewer of artists and organizations between sets.

“I’ve been discovering so much new live local talent that I didn’t even know existed before,” Khem said. “It’s part of my regular music I listen to on Spotify now.”

They performed as an artist for the second edition.

“The thing about live shows is that it’s always a little chaotic but I thrive in that chaos. It was the first time I got to perform in a huge venue like this. I do a mix of alternative R&B and bedroom pop; I might actually be releasing my first single on Spotify soon.”

They describe the void of lack of live music that Mid Coast has filled for them during the pandemic.

“I was just starting to perform my music before the pandemic, and I think because I’m a young queer trans POC I don’t have a lot of opportunities like these, and that’s why Mid Coast is so special to me. I feel like it’s been a great opportunity because there’s no power structure or hierarchy or image you need to have in order to be a part of it. You just apply and come as you are, and I just think that’s really awesome.”

Khem discusses what’s in store for Mid Coast over the summer.

“Depending on what the CDC says, we’d obviously love to turn this into a real community thing where it’s open to the public to see live music. We want it to be like a Milwaukee Boiler Room set where it’s underground while also being cool and known.”

Sulestial was born and raised in Milwaukee but is currently based in Chicago. Creating electronic funk music that bridges live and digital instrumentation, his creative process knows no stylistic boundaries. He shares how getting to play for Mid Coast has impacted him.

“I was so pumped for this. A lot of times I get so into the set that I don’t even look out; I’ll do like 25 songs over a 30-minute period – so I’m mixing a lot – and it was so awesome to look out into the crowd seeing the other bands all dancing. I’ve been doing live streams all summer and I never get an audience for those, obviously. That was a beautiful moment; it made me really, really happy. It’s hard being an up-and-coming musician and not getting paid for all your gigs. If it was a free gig for nothing it’d be something else, but a free gig that’s going towards a good cause, I’m all about that. I would do that all day and every day.”

He shares what he’s been focusing on and what he’s got planned for the months to come.

“A lot of producers – electronic or not – have had a weird disconnect of like, for some reason, even though I have more time to make music it’s weird not having interaction. It’s been nice because I’ve been able to plan for the summer and put all my energy towards that. I’m doing a full Midwest tour where I’m hitting Michigan, Indiana, Minnesota, four stops in Wisconsin, and then going out to North Dakota and Montana. I also have a new song coming out soon called “It’s Enjoyment.””

Sulestial’s most recent single “Radio Man” came out earlier this month on all streaming platforms. Yum Yum Cult are gearing up to release their debut full-length record later this summer beginning with a new single June 4th while Wonderful Bluffer have a summer full of shows around town balanced with putting the finishing touches on their debut EP.

Stay tuned for Mid Coast Vol. 6 next month!

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