Dance Away With ‘Wherever You are’ by Lake Major

Lake Major is an electronic dance producer from Canada. A lifelong musician and multi-instrumentalist, Lake grew up playing drums in a punk rock band, where he learned how to form the backbone of a song and add excitement to tracks. He holds a Diploma in Sound & Recording from Recording Arts Canada in Toronto. He also plays piano, guitar, and writes his own vocals. In recent years, Lake has collaborated with vocalists around the globe to bring his creations to the next level. Electronic dance music has always been a passion of his, gaining influence from producers such as Above & Beyond, Don Diablo, Tiesto, Madeon.

Wherever You Are’ is the artist’s newest song. It is a stunning blend of deep house and big room, with melodic pop vocals that will replay in your head over and over. The fans can connect with relatable lyrics and a big, bouncy house beat.

The artist starts his songwriting process by either writing a song on acoustic and then transforming it into an EDM track or just making a beat and seeing if something clicks vocal wise at that stage.

Lake Major reveals that he is going to be releasing a full album in the future, but for now, the fans can look forward to hearing 2 more singles in the next few months. 

The artist is currently listening to Ben Bohmer because he has this super unique deep house sound that is very emotional. You can get a feeling for the song without even hearing a vocal and that’s pretty special.

Lake Major would like to thank all of his fans for listening and supporting him.

Listen to ‘Wherever You Are’ on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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