Sup? Captivates on New Single “I Quit”

By Deuce

It’s hard not to like “I Quit”, the new single from Sup?. Not that you’d really want to dislike it, of course, or have any reason to be mad at it. But that’s just the point. One can’t help but like this track with its huge, rainbow tinged chords that vibrate and shimmer before your eyes and ears.

Granted, that omnipresent keyboard loop is the mainframe for this one and simply sounds so right, so fun, like an amusement park fantasy, that it’s easy to see everyone who comes in contact with this tune liking something about it.

If you can move past those chromatic keys (which is a big if; I still haven’t made it all the way there, personally) you’re likely to get fixated again on the drums. The snare is so acute and sharp it’s easily rivets while you’re trying to make sense of what the rest of the track is doing. The kicks are immensely hard hitting, especially when accentuated with the bass punches that reverberate against that snare. It’s a great counterpoint to the airy, sunrise feeling of the primary keyboard work.

Plus, the vocals are honey dripping with some sort of vocal effects that sounds like they’re part Auto-Tune and part something else that deepens the voice of the vocalist. It’s unclear if that would be Guy Zalaxy or Bucky Skullet on the mic—or if it’s both—but whoever it is has found a nice hook (and accompanying melody) in the two simple words of the title.

The vocalist doesn’t so much as sing as elongate his words with a tinge of some well-timed pitching, while the captivating track—and those keys, I tell you—do the rest.

Granted, there’s more elements to the song. There’s some sort of synth solo for about the last third of this two minutes and twenty seconds affair. It soars even above the chords, a searing yellow delight that helps to bring you up to that altitude just listening to it.

But the appeal of this tune ultimately lies in its simplicity—found in the hook, its instrumentation, and the ethos of the lyrics. Go ahead, see if you can’t like it. 

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