Disaster Relief and Thornetta Davis Drop New Single “How I Feel”

By Deuce

If you can listen to “How I Feel” (a collaborative effort between Disaster Relief and Thornetta Davis) without moving, there’s something wrong with you. I’m talking about a head nod, two-step, toe tapping, or something. This music is vivacious, leaping through speakers and headphones to jolt, jilt and strike you with that good old funkin’ you can feel as much as hear (hence the title of the number).

The double single is paired with “Not So Scared of You” and is available on CD as well as digital download. But back to how Thornetta, a powerhouse of a lead vocalist, feels. Granted, Disaster Relief’s giving her those all the way live wah wahs that cry with emotion at times they’re so persistent and ardent about being heard. Plus there’s the rhythm guitar that’s also flicking and flipping its way over a bass line that occasionally sounds like one of those running numbers in jazz.

But come on, the funk horns (Tim Haldeman on tenor sax, Dan Bennett on baritone sax, and Ross Hoff on trumpet), too? Punctuating, in parts, in perfect rhythm to the kick of the live drums (Michael Shimmin makes it happen here), bass (Brennan Andes), and the other instruments too? It’s no wonder at all that Thornetta feels the ways she feels, and is so adamant about it on this cut, with a style that’s part growling and all the way real, dropping lines like ‘you don’t know my pain, you don’t know my strain’.

Trust, you will after giving this one a spin.   

 “Scared” doesn’t stray too far from the formula evinced on “Feel”, with another down home groove that moves, though perhaps less frenetically, the mind, body, and whatever else is in its path,. The organ of Darrin James—the guitar specialist extraordinaire on display—gets a bit more play on this one, screeching its way in the briefest pauses between notes for heightened effect. As the producer behind these tunes and leader of the band, James lends a few vocals as well.

But whatever he and the band and the lead vocalist are doing, they need to do more of and, please, record and release it.

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