You Can’t Get Away from Nick de la Hoyde’s New Single “Stay By Me”

By Deuce

“Stay By Me”, Nick de la Hoyde’s most recent single, is noteworthy for several key reasons. The most eminent of these is the hook—a half bar refrain of the title repeated—which is a winner if ever one was. It’s the sort of refrain that easily gets stuck in your head, is hard to get out, and which the artist rides for the majority of the song.

Those who analyze and listen to music have long known that with the right hook, an artist can do just about anything on a song and still pull it off. That’s just what de la Hoyde’s done with “Stay By Me” (both the song and the chorus), and it’s the magic in the cut that’s sure to have your head nodding to it at some point during its three and a half minute duration.

Moreover, those who scrutinize pop music also know that when the music and the melody’s right, it doesn’t matter what one says to it to win over audiences. De la Hoyde, evidently, is well versed in this little philosophical tidbit as well, as he accentuates his song’s best part with some timely “whoa whoas” and a few “ha has” for good measure, the latter of which likely hadn’t graced a recording to such desired effect since The Fugees’ “Family Business.”

Nevertheless, the most imminent facet of this track is the fact that, for an up-tempo affair bordering 120 BPMs, it has an actual drum pattern—not that same old monotonous, four-on-the-floor repetitious fluff that took over dance music (electronic and otherwise) since, oh, about the turn of the previous decade. An actual drum pattern sounds so refreshing, particularly when you hear all the effects, synths and keyboards on this track and just know if anybody else had done it that incessant, flat, ‘thump, thump, thumping’ would’ve surely been its backdrop.

You’ve also got to give it to the man for his arrangement. The first 20 seconds or so sounds like a classic slow song with sounds, synths and the aforementioned keys cascading and drenching you in sonic sensation. The vocal effects, however, give it away that the tempo is soon about to drastically increase, which those on dance floors would surely enjoy wherever this tune’s played.

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