D.E.L. Springs into Action with Latest Single “Bloom”

By Deuce

D.E.L. covers all aspects of the game on its latest single “Bloom”. Never mind that the tune clocks in at little over three minutes in length. Looking for a heart-rending ballet, slow song extraordinaire? Just listen to the first 30 seconds or so. Want something to get you amped on the dance floor to let loose? The threesome’s got that covered with the meat of the song (meaning just about everything but the intro).

Have a preference for introspection, something quiet for you to cool out to and reminisce, ponder, and mentally wander? You did see the title of this track, right? If you can listen to it and hear the word “Bloom” you’re one better than me, meaning the group’s dealing with real themes in an abstract sort of way, just the sort of piece anyone can zone out to.

Again, the trio of Nick de la Hoyde, Tim de la Hoyde, and Joseph de la Hoyde (triplets, possibly?) manages to encapsulate all of these different emotions into a three-minute cut, which isn’t easy to do. What helps them most as the tune transitions through each of these phases is the keys. They’re huge, doting chords of melody and sound that go right when the bass joins in on them, or even when the vocalist does (as is his wont during the hook). Ergo, whether the drums are thumping or swiftly pulled out, the work is imbued with a plaintive tone.

Plus, the drums themselves are moving. Once the group decides to get going, they really get to going. We’re talking well beyond 110 beats per minute—hence the irresistible allure of the dance floor with a rhythm that drives while the lyrics and the overtone of the track are undeniably wistful.

The best question of all, of course, is what subject matter can propel one to go from contemplation to high octane energy and back again? That’s a hard one that remains something of a rune even after you’ve worked your way through the duration of this one. Likely it pertains to a loss of friendship, even the absence of multiple friends that were once there. The fact of the matter is it certainly makes for compelling art, as anyone who gives this number a whirl will surely realize.

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