‘Goodie Goodē’ by Tiffany Goode Takes You On a Beautiful Sonic Exploration That Fuses Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop and R&B

Tiffany Goode is a trumpetist born in Richmond, Virginia and currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She began her love affair with music and the trumpet at 10 years old. She received a Bachelors of Science in Music Engineering Technology from Hampton University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Ethnomusicology from Liberty University. Tiffany has been featured in Rolling Out magazine and was honored to grace the cover of Wherdzmyth magazine.  

Goodie Goodē’ is a song that beckons everyone to be a good person. It has a classic reggae rhythm and a very catchy bassline. The trumpet is beautifully placed throughout the song with classic trumpet hits and melodious trumpet solo lines. This song is a real groove that allows you to dance if you want or to chill and listen if that’s your desire. The different elements grab you from the rhythm to the horn, to the guitar, to the rap. The song came from the idea of Tiffany always being a good girl, what some may call a ‘Goody Two Shoes’.

The artist’s sound is a cinematic jazz sound. It paints beautiful pictures and landscapes in the mind as you enjoy its sonic escape. Her sound can be described as a melodic, laid back, robust sounding trumpet that has often been compared to Miles Davis with a woman’s feel. Although she loves straight-ahead jazz, Tiffany enjoys fusing jazz with her other musical influences like reggae, hip-hop, in order to create her own sound.

Tiffany has been recording songs in her own studio for 20 years. When asked about her songwriting process, she says, ‘Sometimes I hear the hook and melody as an idea first and the song builds around it. Other times, I am inspired by a rhythm and that brings forth the remainder of the song based on feel. The music tends to come pretty quickly once the inspiration has presented itself.’

Her full album is entitled “EnterGoodeLactic” and it was released in February 2021. It is the follow-up to the artist’s debut album, “Today Was A Goode Day”.

Tiffany is very grateful to all her fans and considers them her family. ‘Your support through listens, purchases, shares, word of mouth and so much more has been priceless to me. As jazz continues to evolve, I am grateful that we can evolve with it. I hope to play my type of jazz my way and I am appreciative and humbled that it resonates with you.’

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