Reluctant Zero Hypnotizes Listeners on New Single “Hurt No More”

By Deuce

“Hurt No More”, the latest single and video from Reluctant Zero, is a practiced study in hypnosis. No, really; it is. The entire track, song structure, and music is built around a relatively simple one bar electric guitar loop, that was almost assuredly played live by either Matthew Rector (who handles the rhythm guitar and vocals) or Felix Barca (the lead guitarist), or both of them.

It’s a tad bit catchy, somewhat bouncy, and keeps reverberating with eight notes that start the song and carry it through to its ending—oftentimes either acapella or with just a smattering of live backing drums from Chris Scott.

If this formula sounds even remotely similar to most contemporary rap music—which is largely bereft of bass and centers on a repetitive keyboard or synth loop which also dominates the other tracks—you’ve got it. Same motif, same concept, and it works equally well in both genres, including the aforementioned one and this brand of rock or alternative that Reluctant Zero (which also features Dave Jones on the bass to round out the quartet) is serving to fans.

Zero, however, takes this idea to the extreme. Typically, the drums pound on the verses and vacate for the hook in rap songs, giving that same old one bar loop enough room on its own to do its thing. The band follows this formula first for certain sections of its verses, then suddenly rushes in with the full-fledged drums, bass, and supporting guitars—then quickly pulls them out while Rector sings. This tenet increases in frequency and intensity with crushing volumes of sound soaring for say, three or four seconds before vanishing in the midst of the ever present electric guitar loop.

All of this is not to intimate the group doesn’t flip things around from time to time, like during Barca’s inspired solo past the midway mark, or for its fantastic flourish at the finish of this piece. But by the time it reaches that point you know that melody (the repetitious guitar part) so well that if you didn’t immediately gravitate towards it in the beginning you surely do now. Kind of like hypnosis.

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