‘Hate On Me Now’ by SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY Is A Response to All the Haters Out There

Hate On Me Now’ by SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY is one of the first releases from his upcoming album ‘Most Likely To Succeed’. This song is a ‘flex’ on haters, showing them that their hate is not affecting the artist and he is still going to achieve his goals. The artist is positive that his fans will connect to the song because everyone has had people in their life who they don’t like or vice-versa. The song is basically saying ‘F*** Them’ with an aggressive tone.

‘Hate On Me Now’ has a bouncy, upbeat, and energetic sound that is perfect for a party. The guitar instrumental paired with the artist’s aggressive, yet melodic vocals create a catchy modern sound that is unique and fresh. The song features extensive wordplay.

SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY is influenced by and would like to collaborate with artists like The Weeknd, Drake and Trippie Redd. Currently, he has been listening to Jack Harlow. ‘I love how he keeps it real every time he raps. His flow is smooth and he always knows the right things to talk about.’

When asked about his songwriting process, the artist says, ‘I can write lyrics for hours but that doesn’t always mean it’s going to fit the instrumental. Each instrumental is special and has its own story to tell within it. In my opinion to create a great song you have to allow yourself to really get immersed in the music, and sometimes you miss out on that when you write lyrics before hearing the music.’

SLEEPOVRNXTFRIDAY is very excited about his upcoming album because it was recorded in a studio that highly improved his sound. The artist is also excited to perform some songs from the album in the June festival ‘May Pop Music Festival’ in Nashville, TN.

The artist loves to connect with his fans on social media and appreciates everyone who supports him. ‘It’s a crazy journey but I know you have my back! I really wouldn’t be anything without you guys! God is always watching over me and he is ultimately the greatest supporter anyone can have.’

Listen to ‘Hate On Me Now’ on Spotify.



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