Blueanimal Takes the Plunge on New Single “Rock Bottom”

By Deuce

Blueanimal hit rock bottom on its latest release. No, really. “Rock Bottom” is a protracted look into the pathos of someone who’s gone as low as he or she can go, and is wallowing about somewhere because of that fact.

So what’s the group doing by unveiling an upbeat drum pattern (that almost sounds acoustic, except for the lingering effects on the obese snare)? And why’s the song so chill during the verses, especially the way the lead singer delivers it? Perhaps because this “Rock Bottom” may well be Blueanimal’s means of climbing to the top.

The musicianship displayed on this oeuvre certainly seems to indicate as much, especially with the creative song structure the band hits you with. The former is heavily steeped in guitars with an acoustic sound that’s wonderfully twisted with effects to give them a rambling, splayed appeal. They open the tune and are displayed acapella after the verses and the bridge, giving you a timeout for some much needed, unadulterated lessons in guitar playing.

Only problem is, it’s not quite clear exactly who’s responsible for these efforts. Luke Elms (who penned the tune) is on the rhythm guitar, Ry Kovacevich is on the lead but has left the band, while Luis Rexach is the current lead. Between those three, and Matt Lube on the bass, the group’s got the guitar part down, which is one of the treats of listening to this ode.

Elms has a particularly expressive voice that’s both personable and accessible. When the drums drop and the bass gets to moving on the verses, this is almost a feel good song it flows and moves so well.

The group wades into much heavier rock territory on the chorus, however, with Elms lamenting the fact he either feels down or fell down, if not both. The playing for these parts is stunted and staccato, indicative of the sort of emotion conceivably inspiring the track.

Keep in mind, “Bottom’s” just a teaser, the lead single from the forthcoming Figment That Was Me album that has no said date at this point. The former should certainly stir up some attention for the latter, and whatever else the band has in the works for the future.

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