Wav Loyel Stays Smooth on New Single “Run Up”

By Deuce

The smoothness imbued in Wav Loyel’s latest single, “Run Up”, is overpowering at times. Could be the buttery acoustic guitar driving the track, with its power to take over whole rooms, atmospheres, and moods.

Or it could be the melodies hiding behind almost all of his flows evinced on this piece. Naturally, they coalesce well with the guitar, but there’s something sing-songy about them as well that helps to keep everything on the up and up, if not outright “laaaid back”.

Perhaps it’s the combination of these two elements that dominate the track. Whatever it is, he gives it to you smoothly with a variety of styles in under three minutes’ worth of work.

As previously mentioned, the melodies are prominent and tinged with a touch of auto-tune effects in some places, other times basking in the naked air of the guitar and not much else. Then again, he kicks it double or triple time on the hook, his elocution of the phrase “run up” repetitious, swift, and deft all at the same time.

The emcee and songwriter unveils yet another style on the first half of his verses, which contain the least amount of melodic phrasing on the tune. At this point he kicks rhymes that are seemingly overly annunciated, articulate, and almost robotic in their precision. It’s a style that’s been employed before, but the lyricist is able to make it work on this number.

Still, you’ve got to give it to producer Patience, also known as Tyner Turner. He counterpoints the smooth guitar notes with a bass-laden kicks to provide the low end, the high hats scintillating in their rapidity. He’s also responsible for pulling everything back but the guitar at moments in which the track breathes, Loyel catches his breath, and the cut gains a sense of balance and space, peace and tranquility.

It’s a winning formula that works well for the pair and makes “Run Up” fitting in a variety of milieus—your local radio perhaps, your local deck in the load, or just about anywhere else. Such versatility is a credit to the overall production and presentation of this number, and Loyel’s scope as an artist, as well.   

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