‘Sonder’ by Vin: an Introspective Song About What Matters in Life

Maryland-born Vin is a hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter set to make an impact. The talented musician is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound, style, and message. Through his powerful lyricism, Vin aims to help listeners feel a sense of comfort and know they are not alone. 

Vin’s new song ‘Sonder’ is the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. The lyrics in this self-reflective song captures the life of an individual going about his daily life and finding meaning in the little things we often overlook. The lyrics are backed by a soft piano coupled with a catchy hi-hat pattern. Vin says: “Everyone is walking this life at their own pace, yet we are constantly trying to out-do our peers and compare our lives to one another. As the years go by, we realize we aren’t getting any younger and sometimes we feel some regret when we look back on how we spend our time.

Vin’s sound is mellow and chill. He likes instrumentals that are more ethereal and have a lot of atmosphere to them, so when he raps or makes a melody, it fits well into the beat without having to worry about it being overpowering. Vin confesses that his music is like a journal, where he talks about inner feelings and thoughts.

The artist gets inspired spontaneously, sometimes even while washing the dishes. He would then write whatever he is feeling and come back to it later. Right now, Vin is working on some songs for his new EP which will come out later this year. It will be a follow up to his previous EP “Life At Sea”.

When asked about his production process, Vin says: “I write, record and mix everything myself. The whole process takes about two hours or so. I record everything in my bedroom or basement. I built my own vocal booth to achieve dryer, isolated vocals.”

The artist’s main music influences are Izumi Makura, Shing02, as well as producers like AIRAVATA and Eric Godlow. Right now, Vin has been listening to Eyedress, because of his raw style and emotion.

Vin says that he likes using social media to interact with fans. He wants to connect with them and keep everyone engaged as much as possible. The artist sends a warm message to the listeners: “God bless you all, you are all great and destined for greatness in whatever measure is right for you.”

Listen to ‘Sonder’ on SoundCloud.


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