BLAKE RED Gets Busy on New Single and Video “Follow Me”

By Deuce

The BLAKE RED express is rolling into town, and this time she’s touting her new single and video, “Follow Me”, set to drop on many major multi-music channels (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) on March 26. The video will be out soon on YouTube.

As the new single evinces, there’s no telling what you’re likely to get out of RED. She’s equally at home on the bass, the lead, and rhythm guitars. She’s also responsible for laying down the drums on this ode (some of which sounds live, and others of which sounds programmed). But her forte, perhaps, is in the vocal booth—to say nothing of her talents for composition, vocal production, and arrangements. Naturally, she’s also behind the boards on this one as the tune’s producer.

Everything about RED on this cut is tinged, as perhaps she is herself, with just a hint of danger. After all, the woman’s previous EP was entitled S.O.S.—not as in Save Our Ship, but as in Songs On Suicide. The underlying bass line and rhythm guitar is sharp, jagged, cutting corners and musical notes alike on “Follow”. It heralds the track’s intro with a four on the floor acoustic sounding drum pattern that seems somewhat tense under all this strain.

Her voice readily embraces this motif with a smoke filled passion that seems to supersede the music itself. Were she in a club cranking this out, you’d be grooving to the music until she hit that first high note, at which point all eyes would be on the vocalist.

Still, that’s not to say that the lead guitar doesn’t simultaneously open up at this juncture, enthralling you with an imperceptibly hypnotic melody that you almost can’t feel washing over you. It’s just that the music is the platform, the vehicle, if you will. Red’s singing is the point, the message—that vital distinction that makes a good song even better.

But don’t take my word for it, get the goods yourself from the YouTube clip in a minute. Or, better yet, rush the polls and cop that new single when it drops in a few days. If enough people follow suit, that might just be the push the artist needs to churn out a Long Player.  

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