Shellz Da Kid Tries to Be Romantic in Quarantine with ‘Believe Me… We Got This (Remix)’

Based in North Carolina, Shelvon Sessoms, a.k.a. Shellz Da Kid, serves as a worship/youth leader at his local church, LifeLine Christian Community Church. His music composes a lot of background vocals/harmonies, autotune, and rap. Some of his musical influences include Joyner Lucas, Tory Lanez, T-Pain, and Eric Bellinger.

Last February 12, Shellz released his second album 2000&Love2. The new record is the sequel to his first EP, which is entitled 2000&Love. Shellz loves performing his songs at festivals. He is invigorated with the atmosphere, the food, and the people, which is why it’s his favorite place to perform.

His latest single, ‘Believe Me… We Got This (Remix),’ is inspired by Shellz’s efforts to be romantic with his wife despite quarantine circumstances. In this song, he is accompanied by his friends C. Dash and Damian Taylor. He shares, “I’m a huge family man. I love my wife and my kids, and I hope to connect with others who also love their family.”

In this song, Shellz originally received the sample beat as a percussion. However, the inspiration for lyrics hasn’t struck him. So, he sent the track to one of his friends Javon Butcher, a producer and pianist. Javon added some chords and melodies, then Shellz was able to create the single, ‘Believe Me… We Got This (Remix).’

Listen to Shellz Da Kid’s ‘Believe Me… We Got This (Remix)’ on YouTube.

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