Moon and Bike StrIke Gold on New Album One

By Deuce

It’s simply impossible to listen to the latest offering from Moon and Bike, the peerless album entitled One, and not reflect to yourself—mind you, this is after no more than a minute or so of the opener, “River”,—I’ve gotta get a copy of this.

The entire presentation of this project, from the pairing of two guitarists to its artwork, from the titles of the tunes and LP to the instrumentation and oh, what instrumentation it is, simply says ‘whoa’. This is moonlight music, or sunrise symphonies. It’s seraphic signals sent from above, a way of talking that’s way better than words, and which gets you to feeling that way as well.

The vocals are left in the wind as Boone Johnson and Michael Swanson trade notes, aural exchanges, and telepathy, even, with their precious stringed instruments. The former gets down on the acoustics, meaning he’s the force behind the rivulet running the aforementioned “River”—and on most of the other tunes, too. Swanson goes at it with the electric guitars, bass, and keys.

Now mind you, these are far from the conventional distorted electric guitars that have all become cliché in the midst of the demise of the real rock and roll when the 60’s transitioned to the 70’s. These are genuine tubes and highly effected mechanisms that bend notes as they elongate. It’s the stuff populating the most poignant scenes in any movie you’ve beholden, whether it’s a romance or action-packed thriller.

It’s the music to dance to by yourself, to raise children to and really make the world a better place, to restore the vision of reality after all the surreal sagas of the still nascent 22nd century, (say that three times fast) for all you sensitive souls.   

And mind you, this is all gleaned, or perhaps divined, as it were, from the first minute and change of the opening number. Granted, they’ve got other cuts. “Near Sky” is equally as evanescent, as is “Before Dark” and “Star”. You might not be able to judge a book by it’s cover, but you certainly can tell a tune by it’s title if it comes from this pair.

The only question remains is can they do it again, at some point, and how fast can you get a copy if they do?

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