Mxtty Holmes Realizes He Deserves Better Than a Toxic Relationship in ‘Plans’

Mxtty Holmes grew up listening to Linkin Park, one of his firsts musical influences. Then, The Weeknd and XXXTentacion’s sound helped him shape the music he has today. It’s tough to put Mxtty’s sound in a box. There’s no one way of describing what his music sounds.

When he writes his music, Mxtty starts to freestyle a couple of times until a song comes together. By the end of the session, he usually has a finished piece ready to go. Currently, he works with one producer, but Mxtty plans to produce his own beats all by himself.

His latest single, ‘Plans,’ is part of his first official project, The Toxic Love Mixtape. The song was influenced by Mxtty’s love life. It took three years of heartbreak, lies, and deceit for him to realize that he deserved better. With this, he turned his pain and suffering into modern songs.

Mxtty shares, “With my music being so personal, every word you hear is a piece of my story. If you’re someone who’s experienced the heartbreak of any kind, this is definitely a song you’re going to relate with.”

Listen to Mxtty Holmes’ ‘Plans’ on YouTube, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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