Apache Rose GraBs Your Attention! on New LP

By Deuce

Apparently Apache Rose’s recently released album Attention! was something of a labor of love. There are singles on it dating from 2019 (“Tiny”). Others, such as the title cut, “Blind Spot”, and “On My Watch”, were leaked last year. The Long Player itself finally appeared at the end of last month with an additional six tunes to round out the opus.

Now, whoever the front man is for the group—meaning the dude in the vocal booth belting out the lyrics—is worthy of intense scrutiny, in the best way possible. For starters, he’s able to knock out a whole rock album without screaming, which is something some of the best of the best singers in this genre have yet to achieve.

Then again, on some numbers it would’ve been major fun just to watch him crank his vocals out. Such is the case on “On My Watch” which is his most vociferous effort on the LP. Although he comes closer to screaming—and certainly raises the volume of his voice—it’s more in a transcendent fashion in which you can almost see the sweat pouring from him as he belts out these high notes.

The rest of the band (which consists of drums, bass, and what sounds like a multitude of guitarists, at least two) evidently takes notice and backs him to the fullest, starting and stopping their playing around this Sinatra-like singing performance. It’s refreshing to see the music center on the singer instead of the other way around.

But speaking of the band, that brings up another enigma about Attention! There’s only two fellas on the artwork for this project, but as previously mentioned, there’s a few instruments, each of which sound as though they’re played live, on each track. And frankly, some of the guitar playing is exceptional in ways in which one wouldn’t suspect.

For instance, the gang manages to produce a reggae-sounding number in “Hit Me” with the lead chords played on the guitar instead of on the keys, which is typically the case. This staccato phrase is repeatedly so effectively it almost hypnotizes you as the singer plows his way through what’s best described as a ballad—until things get crunk on the hook.

It just goes to show that just about anything is possible when listening to Apache Rose, which isn’t always the case with many musicians today.

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