J.L.G. Stays Smooth on New Single “Lion Lady”

By Deuce

It’s not surprising to see J.L.G. entitled his new single “Lion Lady”. Just like those big cats in the jungle, the track itself has some oversized elements, many of which help set the tone for the singer.

It opens with huge chords on a keyboard, doused in a healthy dose of what appears to be static which helps create a warm, rainy night feel. But the snare that drops shortly thereafter is obese, and when the bass line comes in it almost threatens to sink the tune, it’s so gargantuan.

And atop all this, melding into the sonic landscape is the artist’s high pitched, El Debarge meets Maxwell crooning. His falsetto is so light and airy, it’s initially difficult to distinguish from the rest of the music which, as previously noted, is taking up a lot of space on this ditty. The mix is so tight he almost sounds like the voice instruments on any number of synthesizers.

However, his melody is impeccable on this one, and is sure to catch the ears of listeners. In fact, with someone manning the saxophone on this number (possibly Medisin or producer Juan Felaco) it has a definite late 80’s rhythm and blues vibe just perfect for staying in on a winter night and cozying up with someone you care for.

At three and a half minutes long, “Lion” lets J.L.G. keep things short and sweet, which works well with his high pitched vocals. Felaco manages to keep the production spicy with ethnic sounding percussion richly adorned in effects. The horn really bumps things up a notch down the home stretch, vying with the vocalist for the smoothest sound on the song.

It’s just one of the many elements that keep things moving in different directions—simultaneously—which makes the tune not quite pop, a little more than a ballad, and keeps you wondering which way the artist is going to go with the time remaining.

Plus the cover for the single has a westward gaze of downtime Miami (likely on Flagler), with the vermillion hues of the setting sun waning in the distance. It’s a fitting image for a track that mirrors some of these same motions for a decidedly aesthetic appeal.

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