‘I Love It When You’ By Deena Theodora Highlights the True Ups and Downs of a Relationship

A Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor, Deena Theodora is known for being featured on Karl Wolf’s 2019 hit summer single ‘Yes’ alongside Super Sako and Fito Blanko. Her work has also been recognized in the movie soundtrack of the 2018 Canadian-American romantic-comedy film “Little Italy” and the Odds Shark sports betting app commercial.

At the age of 21, Deena dropped out of university, moved to Toronto, and pursued to become an actor and singer. She made her debut on Karl Wolf’s ‘Yes’ as she performed the song in Greek. Deena can speak eight languages including, Greek, English, Italian, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, and one of her favorites, Spanish.

Her latest single, ‘I Love It When You,’ highlights the real ups and downs of a relationship. It brings out the push and pulls aspect of true love. Additionally, the song displays a strong sense of sensuality through the lyrics and the sultry tone of Deena Theodora.

Deena shares, “My vocals display a sultry and sensual nature. A European influence shines through with my Greek roots being showcased through the production I gravitate towards.”

When it comes to the songwriting process, the collaborative initiative works best for Deena. “Being able to create with others brings about this type of lively experience that channels an energy that allows me to tap into my artistry,” she says.

Listen to Deena Theodora’s ‘I Love It When You’ on Spotify.





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