Rebel ACA and French Monkey Wrench Do It Again on “Dance Without Fear”

By Deuce

Swift. To the point. Efficient. These adjectives and adjective phrases, and others of their ilk, appropriately characterize the newest offering from a synthesis of the sonics and talents of Rebel ACA, French Monkey Wrench, iStand, and Danny Sprang entitled “Dance Without Fear”. The duo go in, get out, and get the job done in less than three minutes, which is an ideal number for a takeover bank robbery (as far too many jailbirds can attest to) or for pop records.

With that many chefs whipping in the kitchen for your aural palette, its indispensable to give credit where credit’s due. “Fear” is technically a release from Rebel ACA and French Monkey featuring the other two artists. The Rebel does the dirty work on most of the vocals (easily distinguished from the rest by his chatting patois) and sporadically touches down on the keys and the beats.

The Monkey man might be good for some vocals here and there, but specializes on this one with the bass, keys, drums, and guitar. iStand and Sprang sprinkle additional vocals to round things out including, it seems, a rather lengthy rhyme near the conclusion of the tune. Aided by a healthy dosage of melody, the rap builds things to a crescendo with Monkey really gigging on the guitar, upping the ante.

Moreover, Monkey’s responsible for some truly ethnic sounding percussion with the claves going and some sort of congas accented by bass that was likely played live as the quartet gets warmed up during the introduction. The message for this track is as quick and direct as its length and feel is—to have a good time on the dance floor. With everything that’s going on around the globe today, the agenda for this one is encapsulated by (Rebel’s) lyrics: “We gonna have a nice time in here, you hear?/dance without fear”.

There’s certainly something to be said for that sentiment, and the song supporting it, in today’s era of uncertainty. Is it still really possible to go somewhere, in public, and simply dance without worry? Maybe so, but what the quartet have ensured on this one is if so, cuts like this will be the anthem, providing a much needed break in all of the gravity typifying these times.  

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