1st Base Runner Takes the Lead with New Single “All thoughts”

By Deuce

1st Base Runner’s latest single “All Thoughts”, the kickoff to the forthcoming album Seven Years of Silence, which is projected for a spring release, is going to get you there. It creeps into the psyche with sixteenth note chord progressions of keys, bass, and even a distorted guitar after the hook, all ringing together in unison with a catchy feel and then…

It all goes away. Swiftly, from one note being there to the next not and the song, at less than two and a half minutes long, completed without so much as a warning, a word, or any sort of conventional outro.

It certainly leaves the listener desiring more, which can be easily had with another whirl of the tune. Perhaps that’s the point. Equally valid, however, is the notion that the producer, musician, songwriter, and vocalist managed to create a compelling effort in that short duration, without a substantial bridge, breakdown, or the usual songwriting implements.

Speaking of vocals, 1st has put together quite a style of his own in the booth. It’s almost like he’s chanting slowly, but he isn’t because the pace is fairly rapid. Still, his voice has a dreamlike quality, perhaps induced or simply reminiscent of drugs that help things to swirl together when they really aren’t. I’m not sure how many times he asks someone to wake him up because he can’t feel his face, but you get the pix.

Actually, the tune starts off with either a pronounced synthesizer or organ that slowly drones before the singer takes over with a huge outburst that seemingly dwarfs the track. The last thing you’d expect, then, is the bouncy feel of the keys—again, moving in 16ths, which is definitely moving—and the undeniable pop appeal with which it imbues the record. His drums are highly effected and almost slippery with the slick way they hit, especially the snare.  

When the bass and electro guitar chime in rhythm to those chords 1st really has something on his hands here. One would’ve thought he’d ride a groove this delicious for at least another minute or so, hitting that standard three and a halfway mark. But with the abrupt, dramatic ending, we’ll just have to wait for spring for another dose—and perhaps, another single. 


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