Hold Yourself in Greater Accountability in Danny Lamport’s ‘Drop in The Bucket’

A born and bred New Yorker, Danny Lamport is a songwriter. He picked up his guitar when he was 11 years old, and he hasn’t looked back since. When he entered the real world to take on a concrete job, he realized that making music is the only exciting thing he would like to do.

With this, he started juggling both pursuits. When he’s not working on a new song or jamming with his friends and bandmates, Danny is teaching music lessons. For the past few years, his focus has been on promoting his band, gigging, and practicing. However, the pandemic has forced him to delve into his creativity and write a new song every day.

His latest single, ‘Drop in the Bucket,’ is the third track from his album, Speak Words of Truth to My Soul. The song itself was written from a single riff that he stumbled upon, while improvising one day. Additionally, it delves into how our thoughts are drops in the bucket and offer the perspective that we, as individuals, are very small entities.

Danny shares, “I believe that this song offers a powerful message encouraging listeners that we can all hold ourselves in greater accountability in terms of living the lives that we dream about. We can find our greatest truths, our truest selves, by asking ourselves some honest but sometimes difficult questions.” The song is funky and fluid with groove-rock influences.

Listen to Danny Lamport’s ‘Drop in the Bucket’ on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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