Escape Into A World Where Rules Don’t Apply with Gibb’s ‘Rude’

From Ontario, Canada, Gibb balances his regular life with his entertainment career. During the day, you can find him working a regular job. However, at night, his main focus is on creating and performing.

Aside from creating music, Gibb skates, reads, writes and tries not to beat himself up too much. His musical influences are Eminem, Immortal Technique, Watsky, and Pink Floyd, among others. With this, his sound has developed into an eclectic, overwhelmingly old school blend. He shares, “It’s old school in the sense that the lyrics are the emphasis. It’s also eclectic in the sense that I tend to rap over a lot of different types of beats”.

The word that immediately comes to mind when listening to Gibb’s latest single, ‘Rude,’ is “attitude”. A no-holds-barred anthem, ‘Rude’ epitomizes the naughty yet playful side of Gibb. It is a 3-minute fusion of two separate verses.

The track has straight bars showcasing some of his favorite lines to date. Gibb says, “To me, this style is akin to early Eminem and serves as an homage to that particular sub-genre”. He wanted to write about the days when we wanted to say “the hell with it!” and abandon all sense of reason and restraint. He shares, “‘Rude’ is a vicarious escape into a world where the rules don’t apply”.

Gibb is an up and coming artist, but he possesses the confidence of all the greats. It is in everybody’s best interest to check him out and get hooked now before your friends can say they found him first.

Listen to Gibb’s ‘Rude’ on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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