jefff Hits Hard on New Single “Windows”

By Deuce

“Windows”, the latest single from singer/songwriter/keyboardist/organist/guitarist jefff, is a lively, inspiring number. Midway through the tune the word ‘frenetic’ comes to mind when listening to it, although a scant number of seconds later that swiftly turns into ‘frenzied’. The track is buoyant, satirical, and a study in musicianship that would do any true sonic craftsman a fair amount of good.

The drums set the pace on this one with a herky-jerkey drum pattern that’s not infrequent on programmed drums, but sounds infinitely better when played live. Neal Evans certainly does the cue sticks justice on this one, particularly during the breakdowns as the tune transitions from verse to hook to bridge.

Yet as many accolades as Evans deserves on this piece, you’ve also got to give it up to Dan Africano on his electric bass, which provides the undeniable bounciness that characterizes the tune. It’s a big but pliant groove, emphasizing the vivacity of the drumming and is sure to win you over by the middle of the cut at the latest.

Honestly though, the guitar work of jefff (also known as Jeff Clark) is what springs this tune into action. It’s mixed in a typical low key way, yet bestowed with a piquant playing that really brings things to life. Atop the foundation of Africano’s and Evans’ efforts, it perks things up with a groove that’s both fun and funkdafied.

As deliberate as the musical composition is on this one, however, its clear jefff doesn’t take himself too seriously on the lyrics. Spouting mantras like “we gotta stop making sense now” and “it was my idea to smoke the pot/10 years from now I hope I live to regret it” with his tongue firmly in cheek, its readily apparent “Windows” is pushing the form of satire almost to the point of a parody.

Of what exactly, however, is left up to interpretation. Microsoft’s operating system, perhaps, or maybe just a modicum of a shrinking life evinced in the past half a year or so. Still, no matter what he’s saying on the mic, when that bass is moving, those drums are starting and stopping, and that ineffable guitar of his gets to lighting things up, dude’s got a certified jam on his hands—the likes of which don’t come around too often.  

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