Brad Varsity Looks Back On His Toxic Relationships with ‘SNAKEBIT’

From Chicago, Illinois, Brad Varsity is an American artist and songwriter that began his musical journey in high school. Earning his artistic integrity, he started writing poems and lyrics to cope with how he was getting bullied at the time. Later on he turned his lyrics into songs, recording them in his friend’s basement. Brad released these songs under the alias B. Perl.

Since his initial release, he has developed a budding fan base that likes his unique flows, his conscious lyrics, and his high-energy bars. His early musical influences were Linkin Park, Lil Wayne, and Eminem. In growing up, that list then evolved into Mac Miller, Kid Cudi, and G-Eazy, whose influences and sentiments ring through his own music and sound. Currently, Brad has done numerous collabs and has dropped multiple singles since his first release.

Brad’s new song ‘SNAKEBIT’ is essentially about being “doomed to misfortune”. Bringing this theme to life, Brad got the idea to write his new single about his toxic relationship. He shares, “Nothing seemed to be going right. There were questions of intentions on both sides that ultimately drove the relationship into the ground”. This is a story that is all too familiar for way too many of us.

With this song, Brad wanted to appeal to his audience’s emotions when going through a troubled relationship. Simultaneously, he also wanted to share his own personal experience. Additionally, he wanted to provide a little back and forth context with what he assumes that the girl was thinking at the time and also releasing what he was thinking at the time.

He says, “I just want someone that is going through that sort of thing to be able to turn my song on, vibe out, and show them they are not alone”.

Listen to Brad Varsity’s ‘SNAKEBIT’ on YouTube and Spotify.

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