Notch Phoenix’s ‘Cinemax’ Is A Confession of Love

Corey Abernathy, a.k.a. Notch Phoenix, is a New Jersey-based rapper-songwriter. He’s also part of a Philadelphia Hip Hop collective called QLC (Quarter Life Crisis). His main influences are Missy Elliot and hip hop and R&B music from the ‘90s and early 2000s.

When you listen to Notch Phoenix’s music you can feel that he has no limits. He even describes himself as an audio enigma. He says, “I don’t like being in a box and being that artist with one sound…I can create it with no limitations, and it’s within my control to make it however I want makes it so freeing.”

His enigmatic sound translates to his lyrics as well. In his song ‘Cinemax’, he talks about being in love. He sings about how he wants to be close to somebody so much that you never want to be distant from them, physically and emotionally.

He says, “Being in love and caring about someone who means the world to you and sometimes being afraid to speak about the things you want to tell them is a lot easier when you can make the effort to record your feelings. I think most people can connect with that.”

This hip hop R&B love song from Notch Phoenix features AwffkiLLtr, one of the original members of QLC. Notch Phoenix only works with three producers and a few random people outside his circle. This can allow him to focus on writing more personal songs that his audience can relate to.

Listen to ‘Cinemax’ on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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