Grapefruit Sound Lab Deals “Love Cards” on Single with Amuka

By Deuce

“Love Cards”, the latest effort from Grapefruit Sound Lab and Amuka, is one of those tunes that grows on you during first listen. Meaning, of course, that the longer it plays the better it sounds, to the point where when you get to the final hook and Amuka’s inspired ad-libbing at the end you’re all but taken, and ready to break into motion, even.

What most likely wears you down is the algorithmic sounding synth work during the hook, which initially comes on so strong it almost seems out of place. However, somewhere during the latter half of this nearly five minute affair it starts to win you over, as does Amuka’s conviction on the refrain.

Amuka is the female vocalist who snatches nearly all of the microphone time on this cut. Baby girl goes back with it and has put it down extensively in the lab with George Clinton, Parliament, and the Brides of Funkenstein—so you already know what she’s bringing to the mix.

The track itself (written, produced, and programmed by Robert Cotnoir as his alter ego Grapefruit Sound Lab) is somewhat deceptive. It’s got an immense snare which is immediately accessible and makes you feel it at first strike. The bass line certainly has dub step overtones, but Cotnoir showcases a mastery of its sinewy emanations that supersedes traditional uses of this sort of sound.

Another standout is the drums on the breakdown Amuka often pines for on this number, especially at the end. They’re textured so real and spontaneously they almost have to have been played live, yet their sound seemingly belies this fact. Regardless, they help to transition the song between its numerous phases and inject a rhythmic jolt every four or eight bars.

Andrew Synowiec puts it down on the guitar as well, adding to the mix. Now rumor has it, the pairing of Amuka and Cotnoir have an album in the works, of which “Love Cards” is one of the singles. The tune proves the duo certainly have the sort of chemistry that could easily build to something memorable. Time, of course, will reveal if that’s the case.

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