J’Moris Brings It on New Single “Off The Porch”

By Deuce

Sonically, J’Moris is making it happen on his new single “Off the Porch”. The lows pound satisfyingly, with a nice, precise kick likely augmented by a punch of bass. The down home tempo is primed for guzzling a few, leaning, or just slurring your speech as you nod to the slow groove.

Not surprisingly, this aesthetic is evinced in the accompanying music video for the tune. Plastic cups abound, dominoes are shifting between players’ hands, and the brilliant sunshine of a lazy summer afternoon wanes to the melody of a single bar synth around which the track is built.

The precision of the low end reverberates into the drums as a whole, which seem heavily characterized by 808’s. In addition to the kick, there’s a spice of classic side sticks colliding with the time-honored snare. The 808 high hats roll with an off again, on again timing that slutters about keeping pace when it wants to—which is more oft than not.

Best of all, J knows exactly what to do on this one. His cadence has improved as he doesn’t so much rap but drips his lyrics, accenting the first couple and final syllables of each bar with a distinctly southern drawl. It’s a fitting style for kicking back and riding out the track as Moris does with an easy, effortless delivery.

Lyrically, however, he’s on another page altogether. The rapper evidently jumped off the porch to get his issue, which is apparent not only from the track’s subject matter but some of his moves outside the studio as well. He put his chips together into his own entertainment company, Black Diamond Music Group, as well as a clothing line venture serving up apparel for the ladies and gents.

He’s already cranked out one album this year (Black February); “Off the Porch” is the precursor to a slew of singles likely culminating in a similar event later on down the line. “Porch” was produced by Supamario Beatz, who’s worked with the artist extensively in the last couple years.

Last year J cranked out three EPs and a single. Time will tell if he’ll be able to match that output this year. Until then, there’s nothing wrong with giving that “Off the Porch” another spin in the meantime.    

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