Celebrate Women With XonDaTrack’s ‘She Don’t’

Music producer and sound engineer Kirk Strachan, a.k.a ‘XONDATRACK’, developed his unique style as the result of a life surrounded by musical influence. Growing up, his skills as a musician developed at a young age playing drums alongside his award winning Hempstead High School Gospel Choir, under Director Kevin Winther. Everyone knew he had a gift for music. Kirk attended Five Towns College (FTC) where he pursued a degree in both audio engineering as well as music business. Continuously inspired through music, his cypher sessions with his peers led to the development of the first hip-hop club in FTC. This was the birthplace of his musician name ‘XPLICIT’

After internships under King Tutch and Sony Studios he gained hands-on experience with recording techniques and production. A few years later, a fellow producer named 7th EMP took him under his wing and opened up new avenues to develop his talent. His music was featured on episodes of MTV cribs and Unique Whips and now makes music for multiple music licensing companies that feature music across all media platforms. XonDaTrack has been exposed to top A&Rs and Executives in the industry. Since then he has worked with many up and coming artists while comfortably positioning himself in the music industry.

XonDaTrack’s ‘She Don’t’ featuring Tef da don, is a song that celebrates women who hold their own without depending on a man. While a lot of  hip hop songs degrade the value and worth of women, XonDaTrack’s music sheds a positive light and good vibes only. He linked up with singer- songwriter and recording artist Tef Da Don and they both loved the song immediately because of what it stood for. 

The song is  something both men and women could play while partying – but with positive lyrical messaging, high quality music production, and bone-shaking 808s.

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