Dance And Chill With brandon miguel’s “Late Night Text”

Florida artists Brandon Miguel and D. Ann are just starting their professional journey but they are off to a promising start – already busting in with traditional radio airplay on their newest single. Together they are called Skyway but all of their music can be found under Brandon Miguel. They are unable to fit perfectly in a box – you might hear a hip hop record, followed by pop, followed by any of the weird new genre names nobody fully understands or cares to define. These two are a couple of game-changers with a unique sound in music, which is focused a lot more on your mood more than anything else.

Brandon Miguel’s (ft.D.Ann) newest single “Late Night Text”  is an ultimate crossover song… rap-pop-indie all rolled   neatly into a beautiful ball. It’s the kind of record that makes you dance and sing all the words, but doesn’t neglect the heart! 

What connects their fans to this song is the story. It’s about jealousy and insecurity, sadly the most familiar of all feelings to most of us. It’s a little hidden in the fact that it’s a smooth dance type song, but the story is still there. You just have to stop dancing for a minute and listen (if you can)!

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