Grapefruit Sound Lab Gets Deep on “The Flavor of Tears”

By Deuce

Grapefruit Sound Lab, the brain child and solo act otherwise known as Robert Cotnoir, is truly on to something with his latest offering, the fanciful “Flavor of Tears”. To his credit, after a listen (or two), it’s not all the way clear as to what that exactly is.

The tune is perhaps a modern day version of disco, were such a thing possible. It makes no pretensions about the dance floor but drags you off there immediately, almost from the first sounding of the notes. The disco analogy is complete with a sundry of sounds washing over you with a contemporary electronica appeal, as opposed to the 70’s and 80’s keyboard synths, which goes a long way to explaining the endurance of the positive effect of this number well after it’s faded away.

Consequently, the dance aesthetic evinced on this one is prominent if not outright formidable. It’s not just the tried and true four-on-the-floor drum pattern (which the artist, who also doubles as producer and vocalist, spices up with the flickering of a snare) to which this sentiment is credited. Dude also throws in an extremely heavy bass line that moves, almost the way a walking upright would in 40’s or 50’s jazz tracks—which certainly puts Grapefruit and his single in good company.

But really though, you’ve also got to give it up to him in the sound booth. His falsetto is sumptuous, almost like the spooky high pitch of the wisp of the wind as it works wonders about the leaves in the fall, or perhaps you headphones. His tracked-out, self-contained harmonies sound good on the chorus, particularly as he ruminates on “something about the flavor of tears.”

In fact, this last aspect brings us to another of the eminent manifestations about this work: Grapefruit’s poetry (predictably, he also gets song writing credits on the single). Has anyone but this artist ever considered such a sensory perception, real or imagined, which functions as the motif of this ditty? If so, speak now, because Grapefruit’s likely beat you to the punch with different renditions about tears in the sun, tears in the morning, and any other variety you could conceive of to make his point hit home: something’s not quite right today, and many are simply trudging along until it is.

Hope they get there one day, as sure as Grapefruit has on this track.  

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