Quarantine Catch Up with Christian French

Photo by Mickey Mars

Learning instruments, making music, releasing singles and working on music videos are all ways Christian French has kept busy during this quarantine. The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, but French has used this time to grow and practice his craft. 

“I will say that it has been good just being able to sit down and like really really focus on this music,” French shared. His summer looks a lot different without music festivals and touring, but it has given him time to shift gears and focus on creating. He started the stay-at-home order in his home state of Indiana and was able to muster up the cheapest set of different recording equipment from the local guitar center and get to work on his music. 

“I was able to fully produce albums by myself which is another really cool thing I’ve never done before quarantine is like produce, write, and do everything in a song top to bottom by myself,” French discussed. This helped him start to get ideas for new songs. During this time, he has also been learning how to play instruments. With the help of his friends, he has been learning the basics of guitar and on his own time he’s worked on bettering himself at the piano. He has done so by learning new chords and working on speed. 

“[It’s] just like a continuous experimentation process every once in a while you come across something you really enjoy and you can write [a] song with it,” French explains how expanding his musical knowledge has helped him progress his craft. 

Once he returned to California, he was lucky enough to be roommates with his manager, producer and other talented friends, making producing and the creative process behind his new songs even easier. French said after spending most of his career, creating EPs and putting out singles. quarantine has allowed him to achieve his next goal.

“I’m just ready for an album type project,” French further explains. “I think that this time [has] definitely allowed for a good cohesive group of songs to be made.” Amongst all of this creating, French has also been gearing up the release of his new EP “good things take time” on August 24th. He has most recently released two singles from this upcoming EP, “make up or break up” and “paper thin.”

“make or break up” is a single he released last month that he said is based on a conversation he had.  “We both weren’t really able to see each other’s side and we both thought the other person was in the wrong,” French continues, “We had this really long stalemate and it wasn’t until just like being silent for a bit, decompressing and finally having the maturity to like stand there and hear the other person out we both got our side of the story out and kind of expressed where we went wrong is when we were able to move past it.” 

French said this single is different from the typical pop song by having a little bit of an edge to it and it puts you in an altered state of mind. “paper thin” is a song he’s had for about a year and is a song he’s loved ever since he wrote it. 

According to French, these two singles along with the other songs, “has its own way of bringing to the table you know the meaning of good things take time whether that be just chipping away and figuring out who you are to finding your way to happiness whether that be in a relationship where you got to work through the bullshit to get to the goal at the end of the road.” 

Before his EP comes out, you can keep up with him on his Tik Tok and Instagram, where he is doing a few live streams or follow him on Twitter to keep up to date on his music news. 

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