LOMIJOH Returns With Big Time Rap Vibes On Fresh Track “Lil Bossy”

LOMIJOH, the French-Cameroonian singer-songwriter, rapper, former tennis player, model, and law degree graduate, returns with big time rap vibes on her freshest track to date, “Lil Bossy.” After “Don’t Let It Go,” her debut single that introduced her as the next r&b/soul queen, “Lil Bossy” displays her rap skills in such a fun, playful, and inspiring way that we are starting to wonder what planet she comes from. Whatever she does, it’s a hit. “Lil Bossy” is a hauntingly beautiful rap track that brings together urban, African, traditional and modern rap vibes, while Lomijoh seems to flow over the soundtrack with such effortless ease that it should be of some concern to the already established artists out there. However, her grace and taste should protect her from having too many enemies, as they might prefer to collaborate with her than have her stay in the competition, so stay tuned! 

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