Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch Powered by Reverbnation: May 2020

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation.

While it may be an unconventional summer, the world of music does not stop turning, and with that we have another edition of the Five To Watch powered by Reverbnation. Thousands of artists are striving to take the next step forward in their careers, and we have the always tough task of cutting that field down to just five artists to highlight. Use your quarantine time to discover some new music by meeting this month’s Five To Watch:

Anaiyah Sunshine (Miami, FL)

In an industry where looks are everything, Miami’s Anaiyah Sunshine is ready to claim her spot, having already been a published model and accomplished makeup artist. It helps, however, that she has classical training in music, and can take that talent over to her blend of reggae and pop. On songs like her single, “Just The Two Of Us”, we get why her (stage) last name is Sunshine, as there’s plenty of brightness and exuberance in her voice. With a variety of talents, and music that feels right for the summertime, Anaiyah Sunshine could be something special. Check out “Just The Two Of Us”:

Hault (Wellington, New Zealand)

There’s just something about a gritty, fast-paced rock song that holds nothing back that is captivating. That’s the case for “Red Dress”, a song from New Zealand band Hault. The band combine psych rock and metal, a la Black Sabbath and other early metal influences, and the end result is a tried-and-true formula for rock and roll glory. The band has opened for international acts in their home country, and continue to expand their fanbase to new territories. Check out the adrenaline rush that is “Red Dress” below:

Mackenzie O’Brien (McHenry, IL)

Midwestern charm hasn’t been lost on singer/songwriter Mackenzie O’Brien, who sounds like a natural when you hear tracks like “Kissin’ At Stoplights”. The Illinois-based country act has already made her way to Nashville and has been courted by labels at a young age. Her vocal range is great, and the material that she’s written feel just right for a summer night, or a major pop/country stage. In a genre that willingly makes and breaks stars overnight, O’Brien could be one of the next biggest names in country, and has the natural talent to have some staying power at that status, as well.

Gina Brooklyn (Wadsworth, OH)

Singer/Songwriter Gina Brooklyn is no stranger to accolades. From a young age on, she was winning national songwriting contestants for her song, “From The Outside”. The Ohio native has since grown up, developing a powerful voice and sound that has taken her around the country to prominent venues to showcase her talents. You can hear that development on single “Who Are You Fighting For?”, which brings an edgier sound, mixed with some very polished production for an indie rock hybrid. Brooklyn has already made a name for herself and continues to travel and build her brand, and there’s certainly potential for much more from her soon.

Calli Matthews (Burbank, CA)

While still in high school, Calli Matthews has already studied at the Berklee College of Music, as well as other institutions for gifted youth. With a combination of prodigy-level talents, as well as being a songwriter and model, and growing up in Burbank, California, the odds are in her favor for having a successful music career. It helps when she’s recording songs like “Stranger”, a downtempo track that utilizes her skills as an artist to the fullest. All of the pieces are there for Matthews, who hasn’t even reached 20 years old yet, and is showing some tremendous potential for a breakout. Listen to “Stranger” below and hear for yourself:

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