#NewMusicMonday: Christian French Releases His Latest Single

Christian French is back with new music. This June he will be releasing his second EP as a follow up to his first release, “bright side of the moon.” This new EP will feature the new single, “Crowded Room”, which has already been raking in its streams after being featured on Spotify’s “New Music Friday” playlist.

Christian French explained, “It’s one of the most important songs I’ve written so that’s why it’s a lead single.” As one of the first songs he has pushed out to promote his upcoming EP, he shares that this one is more elevated music-wise and idea-wise and has more meaningful music on it, starting with “Crowded Room.” Although it may be disguised by an optimistic beat, this song was written to help shed light on how his mental health has affected him and how he has worked on it.

“It started off [as] more of a vent, like me being super overwhelmed, me being tired of being stressed all the time and tired of not ever feeling at peace,” French shares, “It was kind of in the middle of writing that song I realized that it all stems from my relationship with myself you know me allowing myself to get that stress out, allowing myself, you know, to have these conversations in my head that might not even be true.” After he flipped the switch, he turned his vent into an optimistic tune. However,  he still made sure his form of art was able to still share what he has gone through and to let others know they aren’t alone in feeling this way.

“I never really had any outlets that really helped me [when] I felt super alone, so I’m just trying to make a community where people don’t feel that way and just feel accepted for who they are and they don’t have to be anyone else.” He tries to use his songs to express his mental state instead of preaching it elsewhere since he feels like it helps others by listening to the genuine emotion he uses in them to express his thoughts on it. Even though this is just one song off the new EP, French says that the EP as a whole has the theme of taking time to love yourself and get yourself in a good place mentally.

French shares, “It just takes a while to kind of get into the habit of a good way of thinking [and] not let yourself get into these holes. I just think it fits really well that you know over time these thoughts can make you become a better person.” French said that fans have already reached out and have a good response to what he’s been writing about in his latest songs.

French also suggests outside of his songs to create that time to for yourself to be alone and go on walks, journal, meditate and reflect in order to find that love for yourself.

While you wait for the new EP, check out his other single, “Time Of Our Lives”  along with the other ones still to come.

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