Artist Spotlight: Peroxide

A rambunctious punk fest took place at Bremen Cafe Thursday night, bringing moshes and headbanging all night long. Peroxide, Sex Scenes, and Chicago-based Salvation all packed a punch.

Peroxide is a punk band consisting of vocalist Joey Turbo, guitarist Matt Glassel, bassist Eric Schultz, and drummer Eliot “Blot” Hess. They have been a band for about a year although this had been their first show in four months following a vocalist change.

“Matt and I started jamming together and we wanted to work on some hardcore stuff,” Hess explained. “It started out as us recording one track instrumentally, and we both got busy with separate projects (me with Beach Burial, Matt with Nausicaa shows).”

“In the middle of the summer we decided to pick this back up,” Glassel added. “Charlie Markowiak was setting up a show at Ground Zero and asked Blot about bands that could hop on. We said we’d get our stuff together before then.”

They discuss the band’s name.

“On my phone I have a list of names either for projects or albums – just words I come across that I think would sound good for stuff to use for artistic outlook,” Glassel said. “When Blot and I were talking about band names I showed him the list and he gravitated toward Peroxide.”

“That just stuck out like it was highlighted,” Hess added.

The band did a split EP titled “The Reaper Tape” with Hess’ other band, Beach Burial, which got released in November. Hess elaborates.

“Peroxide was originally supposed to go on tour with Beach Burial and Beach Burial had to drop. Tom had some other stuff going on and he was working six days a week, and he basically couldn’t get away from work. We still released the tape because we both recorded our sides already.”

“We had already released a demo at the point and had a couple songs that were newer,” Glassel said. “It became just a split tape instead of a tour tape. We’re all good friends that want to do shit together and it was fitting.”

Their songs from before are the same but with Turbo’s new lyrics and adapted structure. Glassel talks about what Peroxide is currently focusing on.

“At this point we’ve got three new songs, and one of them is coming out on a Milwaukee hardcore compilation that Austin Naamani is putting together. We played that song tonight. With the couple shows we’ve got coming up, we’re gonna introduce the other new ones and go from there. We’ve been writing a lot of new shit. Eric’s band Habitat for Insanity is hopefully still going on tour in Japan next month, if coronavirus doesn’t inhibit that. We’re packing in a couple shows before he splits town for a month.”

Peroxide plays High Dive on March 20th and again on April 3rd.

“Bad dawgy shit,” Glassel said with a grin.

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