Breaking And Entering’s Five To Watch Powered by Reverbnation: March 2020

As a Milwaukee-based music website, it is our obligation to not only bring Milwaukee to the world, but bring the world to Milwaukee, as well. Five To Watch submissions are handled exclusively through ReverbNation.

The weather is getting warmer, and as we start looking at spring and (dare we say it) summer in Wisconsin, it’s time to start thinking about some of the acts that could make an impact nationally in the coming seasons. We’ve received thousands of submissions, but after a tough process, have come up with five more great buzzing acts to feature in this month’s Five To Watch Powered by Reverbnation:

annelieElena (Los Angeles, CA)

When you hear “Veins” by annelieElena, there are obvious comparisons that you’re likely going to make to one of the biggest pop stars in the world right now, Billie Eilish. However, the young singer/songwriter from LA has the tones that fit dark, haunting pop well, and the production behind her to match. annelieElena lists Eilish as an influence, however there are real emotions behind her songwriting. Between having an EP under her belt already, and being surrounded by the music industry in her current hometown, there’s plenty of potential for the young act. Check out “Veins”:

Fink Tree (Ilford, England)

Every once in a while, a band comes along to remind the rest of the world that making a great rock song doesn’t have to be complex. The Strokes did that, Arctic Monkeys did that, and English band Fink Tree have taken notice with their sound and style. With a burst of energy, and the general cool factor that many of England’s breakout indie rock acts have possessed, it doesn’t feel far fetched to say that the band could enter the realm of the aforementioned bands someday. Songs like “Love Somebody” feel tailor made for the festival stages, albeit while the sun is a little brighter for now. Check out the track below:

Major Moment (Watertown, MA)

Combining elements of rock and electronic music can be hard to do at times, in the sense that bands that do that well generally don’t get the exposure as a more straightforward band. Massachusetts band Major Moment does that well, though, and shouldn’t have any issues finding airplay with tracks like “May Leave Scars”, which features punishing low ends accented by electronic kicks and synths. The band has already made strides, putting out an EP and working with Grammy award winning producer Adam Ayan. They’re just breaking into radio, but check out “May Leave Scars” below:

Rosie Timmon (Brooklyn, NY)

New York has produced some great pop and electronic music over the years, and is undoubtedly a major hub for the industry. Coming out of Brooklyn, Rosie Timmon is looking to make her way into the mainstream, and she’s found a sound that meshes well with her vocal tones. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, Timmon relocated to make her presence felt, and there’s some European influence on highly danceable tracks like “Sweet Love”, which you can check out below:

Heathcote Hill (Mamaroneck, NY)

New York isn’t necessarily known for it’s country music. However, a new Americana act that combines elements of folk, country, and rock together could quickly turn some heads with tracks that are undeniably catchy. Heathcote Hill are going into their fourth year of making music, but have really come into their own with songs like “Promised Land”, the first track from their fourth release. You definitely couldn’t tell that the song was written by a band outside of the heart of the country music scene geographically, which is a testament to the band’s musicianship and authentic delivery. The band has plenty of material, and you can get brought up to speed by checking out “Promised Land” below:

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