Apache Rose Commands Your “Attention!” on New Single

By Deuce

You’ve really got to give it up to Apache Rose on its newest release, the three and a half minute ode “Attention!”. The group, which features a rotating cast of characters in the band and is largely the brainchild of writer/producer Ilya Novokhatskiy, maximizes every second of the track as time well spent with a credible arrangement that keeps the tune bumping.

From the opening notes of the catchy, acapella refrain, the song lures the listener in or, better yet, succeeds in capturing his or her attention. The drums kick in next, accompanying the melody in time to a delicious beat that transitions into the full fledged track with a rubbery bass and some original sounding guitar work.

Quite simply, the cut bounces along to the first verse in a fun, almost irreverent sort of way that feels good. Whereas most bands employ synths for the punctuating ‘hits’ that color certain facets of the rhythm with a semblance of melody, Apache Rose achieves this effect on “Attention!” with guitars. Sure, they do sound like keys to a certain extent, but they carry the weight of the vocalist’s melody in a way that makes one want to sing along.

The group holds little back during the hook, however, swiftly transitioning from what could easily be a pop 80’s number into one more characteristic of heavy metal. Here the electric guitars are flailing, the vocalist is straining (in a good way), and the drummer really stands out as the tune crescendos in energy.

Before you know it, however, you’re back to bouncing along again with the familiar sounding guitar ‘hits” of the second verse. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to believe the group is from mother Russia because of the sheer pleasure invoked by the music and the cunning vocals—curiously bereft of any ostensible accents.

The highs and higher parts continue back and forth between verse and chorus, until Novokhatskiy gets to flipping it. The last third of the tune contains a guitar solo, some cool sounding keys that seemingly come out of nowhere, and then the real crescendo—a patented breakdown that returns to the opening frame of the intro. This time, however, it’s attended by some assisting synths and a touch of bass, until those drums swoop back in and erupt into one final chorus.

Again, it’s the arrangement that wins on this tune, showcasing solid songwriting and musicianship distinctly worthy of a full album—or at least an EP.

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