Gotti Banxx Drops Fiery Release Titled “Premium Snapchat” Feat Tommy Kruise

Montreal-bred singer-rapper Gotti Banxx just released his latest single entitled “Premium Snapchat,” featuring skilled artist Tommy Kruise. 

Gotti Banxx made a solid repuation around his name with singles like “Santana”, “Famous”, “RNB Party”, and “Sometimes,” amassing over a million plays on most major digital platforms.  

“Premium Snapchat” is a beautifully constructed track, home to a catchy chorus and fiery lyrics. Gotti talks about how some girls use their Snapchat to make money, and how those same girls only date rappers and care about money. 

Alongside its smooth vibe, Gotti Banxx layers his flawless flow, once again proving his unique skill set and ambition to conquer the loyalty of as many fans as possible. 

Bankxx always had a strong penchant towards music during his life and since his childhood, and knew from the very beginning that making Hip-Hop music was his destiny. Legends like Drake helped him find his own sound and flow, a more melodic form of rap since his favourite aspect in music always revolved around melodies. 

Banxx is about to release a 7-track EP, and after listening to “Premium Snapchat,” we are so excited to hear his upcoming album. 

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