Delyn Grey Wins on New Single “Battle”

By Deuce

Much of Delyn Grey’s latest single, “Battle”, is simply about a woman and a piano. Were it not so cliché, that piano could be described as haunting. As it is it’s incessant, throbbing, and a force with which the singer’s vocals weave in and out of, confront and, ultimately, triumph over.

“Battle” is a testament to how a single instrument and its progression of chords can become a fascinating case study with which to build an entire song. The same, perhaps, can be said of the vocalist’s lyrics, which boldly take on the feelings of pathos engendered by clinical depression.

Whether consciously or not, the tune showcases the vicissitudes of dealing with this condition in what seems like the singer’s decision to prevail over the very force of the track. You have to get to the second verse before finding out the cut’s not just a duet between Grey and Joel Visentin who, in addition to manning the piano, is also credited for lacing the keyboard and Rhodes.

Simply put, on this one the piano starts loud, and seemingly gets louder and louder the more Delyn recounts her contention with depression with honest, heartfelt vocalizing. The contest between her and Visentin becomes a no-holds barred affair by the time the first hook sounds, with Grey trying to overthrow the “darkness” that “stomped her soul” with the sheer might of the chorus’ battle cry. The bass and drums aggrandize the track at the start of the second verse, artfully building the second hook to dramatic effect.

This time, with the tune rocking and rolling, there’s no question as to Grey’s mastery of the music and, perhaps, to the symptoms which once plagued her.

Still, the high point of the number is the bridge, in which all the players (including producer Justin Abedin on guitar, Kyle Teixeira on bass and Chad Davis on drums and percussion) all let loose alongside Grey for the first couple bars—before giving in to her vocals for the last few. The pause only makes the final hook sound better than ever before, enabling Grey to bring the song home in a memorable fashion that should be indicative of the bright career path she could very well have in store.

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