Artist Spotlight: Dropbear Collective

Rock and roll quartet Dropbear Collective celebrated their debut record release party at Linneman’s, playing a killer show to a packed house. Joining them were husband-and-wife duo Wise Jennings and indie rocker Fellow Kinsman.

Dropbear Collective consists of vocalist/rhythm guitarist Daniel Saxe, vocalist/lead guitarist Mike Stevens, bassists Dave Stevens, and drummer Mark Soriano. Formed in early 2018, their sound takes influence from different decades of rock, from Led Zeppelin to Oasis to Blind Melon.

“Mike, myself, and Dave had played in a band called The Boonduggies before, and our drummer didn’t wanna play music anymore, so we formed a new band,” Saxe explained.

“We had played a show with Ako before and Mark had subbed me in for live shows on guitar, so that’s how I got to know him and as soon as our old drummer quit it was kind of a no-brainer,” Mike added.

This new record is titled “Ted’s Basement” – Ted is Daniel’s father. The cover art is true to the title.

“He’s let us practice there two nights a week for the past almost two years,” Saxe laughed. “It’s where we’ve played, written music, hung out, and grown as a band.”

“We really got to know each other down there, too,” Soriano added. “I didn’t know them too well…I knew Mike a little bit because we had played together but the first few weeks were us trying to figure out what was happening. We’ve been trying to stay true to that.”

“I write a lot about relationships with people,” Saxe said about his songwriting. “The song “Hippie Chicken Is” is kind of about people being judgmental. “The Good Land” we wrote as a joke in like five minutes and it just kind of came together.”

“The one song I wrote on there, “Round Ice Cubes” is a true story about a business trip I went on,” Mike added.

Ian Olvera produced and did keys on the record. Dropbear Collective plans on returning to the basement and doing more writing and recording in the coming year.

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